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Iron-on Pre-Glued White Oak Wood Veneer Sheet 2.5m x 300mm Quantity Discounts

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High Quality Sanded, untreated pre-glued Iron-on Real Wood Veneer circa 0.5mm thick

  • Ironed on, typically with a medium to high setting (depending on the iron).
  • Normally despatched within one working day from receipt of payment.
  • Free delivery on all UK orders.
  • Guidance notes included.

Please note:

This is a natural raw wood veneer product. A finish should be applied after bonding.

If butting multiple sheets together, it should be noted that there can be shrinkage. The veneer expands and contracts as it heats, cools and natural moisture levels decrease.

All real wood varies in colour naturally and every piece, roll and sheet is unique. With this in mind, the listing photo(s) are for general guidance only.

New, unfinished wood/edging will almost certainly be lighter in colour than existing wood. If matching to existing wood, it is very likely that the piece to be matched will have been treated with a finish, e.g. wax or lacquer.

Aging can also change the shade/colour of existing wood. The final colour of any real wood edging is often determined by the finish(es) applied. We are happy to advise in this respect and also look at samples or photos sent in. Please contact us for details.

Samples are available to buy for a small charge just to cover P&P.  However, they are really only useful for identifying a specie.  As we say above, colour and grain varies even in the same species. 

Sheet(s) should be unpacked and used as soon as possible (within 21 days) to avoid the veneer drying out and any joints opening.

If in doubt, please contact us for advice. 

Many thanks.