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Iron-on Pre-Glued White Oak Wood Veneer Sheet 2.5m x 300mm Quantity Discounts

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Iron-on Oak

Wood Veneer

Circa 0.6mm Thick

250cm x 30cm

(98" x 11.3/4")

Choose the quantity required from the drop-down box.  Discounts increase with the number of sheets purchased.

Brief guide to iron-on veneers

Starting at one end with the iron on a hot setting, iron up and down the grain several times until the veneer is bonded, then using a block rub the veneer with some pressure to ensure a good bond.

For larger projects it is possible to place multiple pieces side by side.

If possible it is a good idea to practice with some spare material before moving to the main project.

Great for Kitchen doors, drawers, shelves and furniture.

As Oak is a natural material and each piece is unique, any photos are representative only.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Guidance notes are included with all orders.

Many thanks.