Konig soft & hard wax sticks & sets

Konig soft wax is a versatile surface repair product. It can be used without melting, is not generally subject to shrinkage and does not harden much beyond its original state. It can be used to fill scratches, cracks, joints and nail holes etc. Because it does not harden completely it is suitable for furniture and light to medium use floor areas. 

Konig hard wax, as the name suggests is a hard and durable wax filler used for surface repairs. It is designed for repairs to areas subject to moderate to heavy use, such as repairing edge damage and flooring. It is also suited to filling larger holes and repairing more significant surface damage.  It is applied and blended with a battery, gas or electric heat iron or similar tool.

Suitable for repairing our iron-on wood veneer sheetswood edging and stair stringer.