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Iron- on White Oak

Stair Stringer Wood Veneer

approx 0.6mm Thick

Please use the drop down box above to choose you required width and length

Many widths to choose from

22mm wide for edging kitchen doors, shelves etc

30mm wide for edging slightly thicker kitchen doors, worktops, shelves etc

50mm wide for edging worktops, large doors etc

100mm wide for face material, skirting etc

150mm wide for skirting, plinths face material etc

200mm wide for skirting face material, doors, plinths, stair stringers etc

250mm wide for skirting face material, doors, plinths, stair stringers etc

300mm wide for skirting face material, doors. plinths, stair stringers etc

Please note if purchasing multiple widths the shade may not be the same as most often each width roll will come from a different log.

How to use the iron-on veneers

Starting at one end with the iron on a hot setting run the iron up and down the grain several times until the veneer is bonded, then using a block rub the veneer with some pressure to ensure a good bond.

It might be worth having a little practice before moving on to the main project.

May vary from picture shown, due to being a natural raw wood veneer it is very difficult to give an exact photo of the veneer you will receive so we have added a few photos to show an example of the grain.

Please note this is a raw untreated wood veneer so the final colour will be determined after a finish has been applied. Also, the veneer production process (and timber length) limits the length that can be produced without joins. Therefore these stringers (as with all others) will have finger joints at varying points along their length. These are designed to iron down without a problem. They run with the grain to minimise their visibility.The stringer(s) should be unpacked as soon as possible (one week maximum) after receipt to ease tension on the joints and to allow acclimatisation.


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