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Iron on Wood Veneer Sheets: Oak, Walnut, Teak, Beech, Mahogany, Pine, Ash, Cherry

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High Quality Iron-on Real Wood Veneer Circa 0.5mm thick

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  • Guidance notes included.
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Please use the drop-down box above to choose the required specie and length.

This is a natural raw wood veneer product. A finish should be applied after bonding.

Typically, new wood/edging will be lighter in colour than existing wood. If matching to existing wood, it is very likely that the piece to be matched will have been treated with a finish, e.g. wax or lacquer.

Aging can also change the shade/colour of existing wood. The final colour of any real wood edging is determined by the finish(es) applied. We are happy to advise in this respect and also look at samples or photos sent in.

Very brief guide on application: (more extensive guidance notes included with orders).

  • Starting at one end with the iron on a hot setting run the iron up and down the grain several times until the veneer is bonded.
  • Then, using a block rub the veneer with some pressure to ensure a good bond.
  • If possible, it's worth practicing on a test piece before moving on to the main project.

The main photo for this item (and all of our natural wood items) are representative only.    Due to being a natural raw wood veneer (every log is unique), it is very difficult to provide an exact photo of the veneer you will receive.

It is sometimes possible for us to supply consecutive sheets that are ideal for book-matching etc. If this is something that you are interested in, please get in touch. We will always try and match multiple sheet orders as best as we can anyway.

Many thanks.