Konig Duo-Royale Quick Filler Wax Set 910 x 10 Mixed Wood Colours

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Konig Duo Royale Wax Filler Set
A rub in filler used to repair hairline scratches on artificial surfaces i.e. melamine faced chipboard. Over 10 colours available in stock from the Konig standard colour range.

Clever, quick and clean: the new wax quality for the repair of minor scratches and abrasions. No matter whether used in production or for on-site repairs: DUO ROYAL stands for a simple and fast way of processing. The wax from the rotating case impresses with its high opacity, it is very well over-coatable and easy to seal. All colours are intermixable.

                                           Filling and Retouching Cleverly

The repair result is amazingly good, although the application is quite simple: rub in DUO ROYAL to the damaged area. Use a fillers applicator to spread the applied wax and to strip off excess material. Remove wax residue from the surrounding area with the supplied cloth and degrease both repair and its surroundings also with a cloth. To protect the repair from dust and dirt, just seal with a clear lacquer of the corresponding sheen – done! Filling and retouching in a single work step. And your fingers stay clean.

Please note that we try our best with our photos, but the on-screen colour is not necessarily a precise representation of actual wax colours. This is mainly due to photo light and/or monitor calibration.

If in doubt, please contact us, thanks.

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