Konig Transparent Mixed Wax Set (#144)

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Transparent Mixed Waxes

This set contains a mixture of transparent Quickfiller, Softwax, Hardwax & Hardwax plus.

Transparent fillers are ideal for repairing hairline scratches and dents/bruises to lacquered natural wood surfaces. Transparent waxes can also be used to blend with the coloured fillers, breaking up the depth of the colour giving a more translucent effect.

The hardwax/hardwax plus filler needs to be applied by heat with either the gas or electric Heating Iron. For the softwax we recommend applying and blending with the Special Applicator.

10 x 8cm Wax Sticks including:-

900 Transparent Hardwax

901 Transparent Yellowish Hardwax

902 Transparent Honey Hardwax

900 Transparent Hardwax Plus

901 Transparent Yellowish Hardwax Plus

902 Transparent Honey Hardwax Plus

901 Transparent Yellowish Softwax

902 Transparent Honey Softwax

901 Transparent Yellowish Quickfiller x2