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Konig Wax Heating Iron Hardwax Filler Wood Furniture Repair

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Konig Gas Heating Iron


KO439COMP Gas Heating Iron
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Designed for use with hardwax, this portable, gas-operated heating iron will melt the filler at the correct temperature to mould and mix. The blade tip has been designed to hold the wax in liquid form allowing precise placement of the filler. The temperature is variable and the blade takes only 30 seconds to reach temperature. For best results ignite the heater at the high temperature setting and then turn it down to its lowest setting during use. The heatproof cap has been designed to ensure the heater is switched off when replaced.

Because of legal regulations, the tool is supplied in unfilled condition.

The gas can be bought from any shop that sell lighter gas.


Used with the special applicator tool which is also available in our store this will make the perfect tool for your filling, repairing needs