Picobello by Konig Ceramic Tile Repair Kit Black White and Grey Shades G61450-803

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With this ceramic filler set you can now fix holes and chips in wall and floor tiles perfectly.

The set contains ceramic filler in five different and intermixable colours as well as all the necessary accessories. A clear lacquer brush pen is included in the kit to seal and to protect the repaired area. Suitable for surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo and cast stone. Please see the demonstration video below for more information.

Areas of application:

Drill holes
Small chips
Surfaces and Materials:
Tiles (Porcelain, Ceramic etc)
Cast Stone, Terrazzo
White, Grey and Terracotta mix
Damaged Objects:
Floor and Wall coverings

Product benefits:

The kit is supplied all in one plastic case.
All components necessary for a good repair are included.
The ceramics filler is very hard and resistant, the melting point is 130 ° C.
The colors can be mixed together and can be over painted.
Available colours; white, grey and 3 shades of terracotta.
The water absorption rate is less than 1%.

Set Contents include:

5 x Ceramic filler sticks (4 cm) White, grey & 3 wood/terracotta shades
1 x Special fillers applicator including sanding pad and polishing cloth
1 x Sanding and polishing cloth
1 x Cotton cloth
1 x Battery operated melter
1 x Clear lacquer brush pen as sealing pen, sheen level: high gloss.





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